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Title Search Services

Fintrust Title Solutions is a highly efficient title search company based in Texas, offering real estate businesses and mortgage lenders a transparent and reliable view of property information. We assist law firms and other organizations in assessing the legitimacy of properties without any hassle. Our team of expert title researchers is technologically adept, efficient, and diligent in conducting various types of searches, including title searches, current property owner searches, property record searches, and two-owner searches, delivering results within hours rather than days.

Our Title Search Services include the following:
  • Current Owner Search
  • Two Owner Search
  • Full Title Search
  • Update / Rundown Search
  • Document Retrieval
  • Judgement & Liens Search

Current Owner Search

Our team of researchers meticulously examines the most recent deed to conduct a thorough property owner search, determining the current holder of the property in question. Our comprehensive reports provide details regarding the deed, present tax status, open mortgages, lien reports, and any unfavorable judgments related to the property and its owner.

Two Owner Search

Our two-owner search report encompasses comprehensive details on the current vesting deed as well as every deed, including the previous owner's warranty deed. In addition, the report provides information on their tax status, mortgage details, liens, and any unfavorable judgments associated with both the property and the owners.

Full Title Search

Fintrust Title offers a comprehensive full title search service that covers information pertaining to all current title holders as well as previous property owners. We conduct thorough investigations and research the entire chain of title, providing detailed reports on the current deed, open mortgages, judgments, and other relevant records associated with the property.

Select Fintrust Title as your trusted partner for property title search and current owner search in Delaware, Massachusetts, Arizona and Colorado today. Experience the advantages of faster turnaround times, extensive geographic coverage, and precise deliverables, regardless of the volume of your requirements.

Update / Rundown Search

An update or rundown search involves continuing the search process up until the day of closing. At Fintrust Title, our team of searchers meticulously examines records pertaining to the period between the title commitment and the closing date. We thoroughly review all relevant details based on the effective date, ensuring a comprehensive and up-to-date search.

Title searches involve a comprehensive examination of various public records to identify open mortgages, potential liens, or judgments against the property in question. However, as real estate transactions may take time to close (typically ranging from 30 to 90 days), title underwriters require "title updates." This is where Fintrust Title plays a crucial role by re-evaluating records to determine if any new liens, judgments, or mortgages have been recorded. We offer precise and accurate pre-closing updates as well as post-closing updates, ensuring thorough coverage of any changes.

Document Retrieval

For several years, Fintrust Title has been dedicated to delivering efficient back-office support to various lenders. Our firm has consistently provided prompt document retrieval processes, enabling lenders to swiftly retrieve policies and compile a meticulously recorded portfolio of all necessary documents for mortgage transactions.

With our extensive experience as a seasoned document retrieval services company, we have perfected a well-established methodology for retrieving crucial documents on behalf of various entities. Our document retrieval services encompass a wide range, including title policy searches, property owner searches, and more. Our streamlined and transparent workflows ensure consistent and efficient processes. Additionally, we provide competitive rates for title policies and replacements as required.

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Judgement & Liens Search

Drawing upon our expertise in property record search, mortgage title search, and other public record searches at various levels of governance, Fintrust Title excels in delivering comprehensive judgment and liens search services. Our skilled team of liens search specialists employs diverse search logic methods to ensure accurate and expedient results. Whether it's Tax Liens, Judgment Liens, or other public records, our team is adept at meeting search requirements with quick turnaround times.

Here are the services we provide as part of our offerings:

Tax Liens: We conduct thorough research on public records to identify Tax Liens filed against debtors due to unpaid taxes.

Judgment Liens: We perform in-depth research on judgment liens that restrict debtors from engaging in transactions until a judgment is made in their favor.

Miscellaneous Liens: Mechanic's Liens and Other Liens Search: We conduct comprehensive public record and property title searches that are connected to mechanic's liens and other liens filed with recording offices.

At Fintrust Title, we guarantee that our deliverables, which include search results such as continuations, amendments, and other relevant records, will provide you with valuable insights into mortgage titles and assist you in making informed lending decisions. Our services also ensure quick and hassle-free federal and state tax lien searches.